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Kids Martial Arts

At Elite Taekwon-Do Academy, we strive to give the children of Lusk the best foundation possible with our Kids Martial Arts classes. We offer boys and girls 7 years and older a base-level understanding of multiple martial arts disciplines, allowing them to grow and develop with belt promotions as they gain experience.

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ITF Taekwon-Do

 Give your child the gift of Taekwondo in Lusk today with our exciting classes. We are proud to offer instruction for children of all ages and ability levels. Get started in martial arts in Lusk today. They could be the next Karate Kid. 

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Adult Martial Arts

  Get more from your workouts with the best blend of fitness and self-defense in our Adult Martial Arts Classes. We're helping everyone in Lusk stay fit and safe in any situation. Learn more today! 

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