To put it simply, they are very safe. All our beginner classes are non-contact. More experienced students are introduced to sparring with special safety equipment. This means sparring can be conducted safely with students being matched with others of similar ability to build confidence. The majority of our members attend classes to increase their fitness, tone up and improve their self-defence skills – all whilst having fun and learning a martial art. Special Sparring and competition classes are available for those interested in Competition..

We work on the understanding that all new students are ‘unfit’ unless they specify otherwise. All our training is structured so individuals can progress at their own pace. This allows students to reach their desired level of fitness comfortably and safely. The training we provide encourages rapid development regardless of your ability, physique, fitness and experience.

It is natural to feel a little nervous taking on a new discipline, but with our skilled team of instructors we endeavour to put everyone at ease from the very beginning. All our classes have a friendly atmosphere and new students are starting all the time, so there will always be someone at the same level.

You won’t. Only a few students take part in sparring and competitions. If this is something that interests you, we have specific training sessions tailored for you. All the regular classes are for enjoyment, fitness, and to develop your self-defence skills.

Although many of our new beginners start by themselves, we always welcome new students, so we are more than happy for you to bring along your friends and family to train alongside.

You will train with our highly skilled instructors and progress through our structured syllabus. Initially, you work towards your first grade ‘Yellow Tag’ and from there to ‘Black Belt, 1st Degree’ and beyond. With your commitment and regular training, your progress and fitness will move rapidly. In many cases, Taekwon-Do students have the skills to take the ‘Black Belt, 1st Degree’ in around five years.

Taekwon-Do offers many benefits such as Fitness, Flexibility, Self-Confidence, Self-Defence skills. However these can only be attained through consistent training. We offer a wide and varied curriculum on your road to Black Belt and beyond and each class builds upon the last. In our experience students who are missing half of their classes soon become overwhelmed trying to catch up and eventually quit. When you train at Elite Taekwon-Do our Instructors are committed to helping you reach your Martial Arts goals, all we ask is that you meet us half way and commit to your training.

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