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Last Saturday’s INTA National Championships has proven to be our Academys most successful to date. From 30 competitors, Elite Taekwon-Do Academy won 31 medals including 9 Gold medals and 9 Irish Champions. We owe our success to a number of strategies, both on and off the mats,  that we have initiated and improved on over the past 12 months.

Our Parents as Coaches program has been a great success, at the Nationals each of our competitors had the reassurance of so many of our Parents all over the arena. Easily identifiable in their “ETA Coach” T-Shirts, our Parents were able to help ease the nerves of the big day and offer advice and support all day.

As soon as our Black Belts had finished competing they spent the rest of the day also coaching and mentoring our competitors. This other layer of support also helped greatly in the Clubs success.

Without doubt though the greatest single factor in our success has been regular squad sessions. For each of our 4 tournaments this year students have attended 4 weeks of squad sessions in preparation for the events. Our competitors are now much more seasoned, experienced and competitive than had previously been the case. All of the extra work on ring craft, sparring and strategy has brought everyone to a new level.

Credit for this must be given largely to Mr Carl McGrath. The drills and knowledge Carl has shared over the past year cannot be under-estimated. James Lennon’s Gold medal win was in large part down the strategies Carl shared at squad sessions. These same tactics have in recent times allowed Carl represent the Irish Taekwon-Do and Kickboxing teams and win Gold at last year’s US Open Kickboxing Championships. His skills were on show again at the weekend when Carl, fighting in his first Senior tournament and 2 divisions above his natural weight, took the Irish title in some style.

To further continue on our success Carl will be holding Elite team Training each Saturday morning from 11.00-12.00. Students attending will now have the opportunity to compete more often in not only Taekwon-Do but also Kickboxing events should they wish. The team will be led by Carl at these events. We believe these classes will present opportunity to bring our students to the next level in their competitive journey.

Elite Team Training commences on Saturday November 4th at 11.00 O Clock. Training is open to students yellow belt and above. Tournament participation is not compulsory and students are welcome to attend just to improve their sparring. Cost for these Sessions is 20 euro per month at the beginning of each month. Like ALL payments, correct amount should be placed in an envelope with the students name on the front. 


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