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Parents as Coaches Night

Kids Martial Arts in Balbriggan - Elite Taekwondo Academy

Congratulations to all of the many Parents who tried their hand at Taekwon-Do for the first time last week. The event aimed to give Parents an insight into how they might help their child get the most from their Martial Arts training.  

We started with a gentle(ish) Warm-up to get the blood flowing and stretch the muscles before introducing some of the basic techniques and their underlying concepts. Basic kicks, punches, and strikes were then delivered onto the focus pads where their effectiveness in Self-Defence could be appreciated. While everybody was having fun during the session the message of the class was an important one.

"Don't expect your child to look like a Black Belt overnight and don@t compare your child with any of the other children in the class. Each child develops at his/her own pace, each child is running their own race. With consistent attendance, practice and (lots of) Praise and Encouragement for even small improvement, your child will reach their goals. Every time your child comes to class they are getting better. your encouragement and support are the keys to your childs success."

A very big  "Thank You" from all of the team at Elite Taekwon-Do Academy for coming out and making it such a fun-filled event.


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