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5 Tips to help your Child be successful in Martial Arts

Kids Martial Arts in Balbriggan - Elite Taekwondo Academy






1. Keep yourself and your child on a regular schedule

2. Any missed classes should be made up as soon as possible, we run classes every evening so check the schedule to see where you can make up missed classes.

3. Praise your child for the small or big improvement you see in them. One of the greatest mistakes we can make as Parents is a lack of positive feedback. Offer praise whenever deserved and watch your child thrive.

4. Remember with kids; Progress not perfection. Every child develops at their own pace so don't worry that your child doesnt move like Bruce Lee just yet. With consistent practice a very high standard WILL be achieved.

5. Out of sight leads to Out of mind: we've found that when a student misses a week or more due to holiday, illness, whatever, they need a "push" start to get back on track. Your child's instructor can provide the extra kick start needed

At Elite Taekwon-Do Academy we are experts in child development. We understand the highs and lows of martial arts training to Black Belt and beyond. We are focused on helping your child reach this high martial arts honour.

This week at ETA we are offering you the chance to train with your child in our "Parents as Coaches" event. Our aim is to give you more information in helping your child eventually achieve their Black Belt and also to try out some basic martial arts techniques yourself. No experience required just wear some workout gear. See you on the mats!

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