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5 Essential Habits for Personal Safety

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For many the subject of Self-Defence conjures up images like the one shown above, a physical confrontation or "Fight". At Elite Taekwon-Do Academy we teach not just what to do in situations like the one pictured but everything your child needs to do to avoid these situations in the first place. We refer to these as our "5 Habits for Personal Safety", I was first introduced to these strategies by Kyoshi Dave Kovar, whom I was fortunate to have taught alongside and under earlier in the year at Seminars in the UK. These are the habits our students are taught,

  • 1. Use your Brain: Avoid potentially dangerous situations.
  • 2. Use your Words: Try to talk your way out of the situation.
  • 3. Use your Legs; Walk away from the situation, Run away if you have to.
  • 4. Ask for help: Go tell a Parent, Teacher, Guardian what is going on.
  • 5 Defend yourself. Use the techniques learnt every night in class.


If the first 4 Habits are followed, 9 out 10 physical confrontations can be avoided. If, however, you must fight, you fight full out knowing that you did everything in your power to avoid this situation. Remember there is nothing glamorous about Self-Defence and there are only ever negative consequences of violence. 

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